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       Dunhua Zhengxing abrasive Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987, Ningan City, Heilongjiang Province, Zhengxing Grinding Factory. For more than 30 years, we have been doing our utmost to study and manufacture boron carbide ceramic materials. We are determined to work hard for the original intention of studying and processing boron carbide ceramics.  

       In June 1999, after attracting investment from Dunhua municipal government, the company moved from Ningan City of Heilongjiang Province to Dunhua city of Jilin Province, and settled in the economic development zone and renamed Dunhua Zhengxing Abrasive limited liability company. The company covers an area of 1.2 hectares, which was the earliest private boron carbide production enterprise engaged in the processing of boron carbide smelting and the deep processing of powder in China at that time. It is also a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of domestic and international standards such as FEPA (F4 to F1500), ISO 6344-2013,GB / T / 2481-2012,JIS R6001,ASTM C750-2009, and YS / T 250 nuclear grade standard approved boron carbide powder products.

       In October 2009, the company built the second powder processing factory, named Hunchun Zhengxing Abrasive,  in the Export Processing Zone of Hunchun City, Jilin Province. The factory covers an area of 1.9 hectares and mainly produces and exports boron carbide powder products. In May of 2013, the company moved smelting plant from Dunhua local to Kuitun of Xinjiang. The smelting plant named Xinjiang Ginding New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and has become the largest production base of boron carbide crystals in the world. The base covers an area of 14.5 hectares and will be produced on a large scale the following year. Annual production capacity of boron carbide crystal bulk is 6000 tons.  The above three factories have all passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 international standard quality and environmental management system double certification.

       The production of boron carbide products in the process, product quality, testing means and so on, has been fully able to meet the aerospace, nuclear industry facilities, military facilities protective ceramic decks, bulletproof nail manufacturing and other materials for technical specifications.

       The company has inspection lab with an internationally recognized complete set of chemical index testing equipment and a number of approved laser particle size analyzer and chemical composition instruments,, such as Beckman Coulter LS13320, Malvern Mastersizer 2000, Germany made J. Engelsmann AG STAV II vibratory density meter, LECO TC400 and LECO C230.  Independent innovation of project, "High grade boron carbide micro-powder", is listed as a national torch project by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and supported by the Science and Technology Enterprise Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

       Dunhua Zhengxing abrasive and Hunchun Zhengxing abrasive both have independent import and export rights. As the top 100 private enterprises in Jilin Province, the famous brand boron carbide of Jilin Province “ZHENGXING”brand of boron carbide has been exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea, HongKong and other countries and regions for nearly 30 years. Its high-quality products at domestic and abroad market is well-known already. 


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